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5 tips for a leaner you!

Getting lean is a universal goal for many people, men, women, younger, older, for sports or for the beach it doesn’t matter, everyone wants to lean up.

Excessive weight characterised by high bodyfat is a major concern for many men and women not only for the aforementioned reasons but as we get older, for health reasons too. There are direct associations with being overweight and disease and generally as we age, we also get heavier.

What if I shared with you 5 simple fixes you could start doing today that would immediately start the process of getting leaner and lighter? Would you do them?

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What are these 5 miracles people can do to lose weight and get leaner?

#1. For 1 week don’t eat bread, rice, pasta or noodles. A big ask for many but the issue with these foods is they’re generally nutritionally inert (insert laughing face emoji). The only real purpose they serve is to make your pancreas work harder and that ain’t a good thing. They may create a sense of fullness but this is also achieved with eating other food types, green cruciferous vegetables are a good example.

#2. Try to exercise on an empty stomach a.k.a in a fasted state. There’s plenty of solid research proving without a doubt mobilising fat as a fuel is far easier if you haven’t got food in your stomach. The food companies have done their best to discredit this research with their own stuff, which proponents of 5/6 meals a day will wheel out in counterarguments but the reality of research is you can make an argument for anything if you try BUT the proof is in the pudding (don’t eat them, either). Training in a fasted state has worked for my clients for years and years without exception. If you haven’t tried it before take plenty of water with you to consume regularly through your session. Don’t let your mind defeat you. Just do it, like the adidas catchphrase used to say ..

#3. Remove that comfort drink you always go to for 1 week. All of us have that little drink, that extra whip latte, iced tea with we know way too much sugar, the coffee with 2 sugars, the orange juice (that has as much sugar as a coke), that “healthy” smoothie (that sadly is really just a liquid dessert) etc etc.

#4. Do some regular, fast repeat, cardio training. Ok so “fast” is relative, right? What’s fast for me may not be very fast for Usain Bolt and what is fast for an unfit 60 year old may not be fast for me. Gait is one of the fundamental movement patterns men and women can engage in, we call it walking and running so if we practice it, why not maximise this time by eliciting a positive hormonal response. This is done by doing maximal sprints at a 1 to 1 rest to work (run) ratio. We really wake up muscles, our nervous system, our cardiovascular system, we get a major physiological response engaging in this type of exercise. Plus, we also use a lot of energy helping us lose weight and get leaner.

#5. My old favourite, reduce your portion sizes of food and drink for 1 week. That’s right. Halve your food for a week and scale down your weight, guaranteed. Remember to weigh yourself before and after to confirm my tried and proven formula.

” I usually drink a couple of beers or glasses of wine with my pasta on a Wednesday so this week it’s 1 beer/glass of wine and a half portion of pasta”.

Try it, you will be amazed. Don’t forget this is EVERY day for a week.

There you go, 5 easy fixes for definite weightloss for all of you. I am a weightloss expert, I’ve been having success doing this for a very long time. So you’d expect me to be trim, 6 pack abs, strong and pretty fast (around a tennis court) and all that at 56.

Yeah, you’d be right.

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3 Rules for Fitness Success

There’s a hierarchy of importance when it comes to achieving success in your fitness goals. Without these your results will be mixed and not adopting them could even completely sabotage your efforts.

Firstly I think it’s important to mention the problem most people face which is the confusing messaging in the industry.

Why is this messaging so confusing? The answer is twofold. There’s so many companies and individuals fighting for a slice of the pie and this coupled with the largely unregulated state of the fitness/wellness industry results in so many outrageous claims it’s actually embarrassing. And for many of our potential customers or clients it’s just well, really confusing.

So what should you be focussing on? What are the foundations of fitness success?

Firstly you must have consistency.

You must be consistent on your training schedule, on your personal record keeping, on your food and sleep – C O N S I S T E N C Y cannot be replaced with anything.

You do not need pills, supplements, gimmicky kit, the latest trainers or indeed sign up to the newest gym.

The easiest way to achieve a basic level of consistency is to put stuff on your schedule – you already have business meetings, calls, family commitments and more on it and you should also have your training times and reminder notes. These notes should be around what to eat, what time to begin your daily wind-down, to drink more water, to remind yourself how much you love your family etc. It is easy to forget many of these things so remind yourself!

Secondly you must be organised – you can be organised but without consistent application that won’t matter. So after consistency comes organisation. And I know some very consistent individuals that weren’t particularly organised but got there in the end.

I can not speak more highly of the importance of note keeping especially for your exercise. By recording weights lifted, hours of fasting, food consumed and in more macro terms what days you will be doing what lifting and HIIT sessions, by being this organised you will also help increase your consistency.

So set up a schedule for your lifting and HIIT, your sleep hours, fasting and nutrition. If you write it down it will usually happen, if you don’t it usually won’t.

O R G A N I S A T I O N must be a conerstone of your fitness.

Finally you must acquire knowledge. Ongoing education is crucial for all of us in all of our lives. If we’re not learning we’re not growing. If you have a job that you can do in your sleep or one that simply does not require ongoing education or personal development take it upon yourself to increase your knowledge of the single most important component of your life – your health. Invest in you and reap the biggest reward in your life – health is indeed wealth.

K N O W L E D G E is the single most valuable thing you will ever own. And it’s everywhere if you look. There are many sources of knowledge and your challenge is to look for it, find it, verify it and use it.

Once you bring consistency, organisation and knowledge together there will be no stopping you! The luckiest people I know are the ones that have worked the smartest -> specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.