3 of the best free things you can do for your fitness

I am keen to help people with their fitness, regular readers will know this by now. Why? Well, why not? I have written 70 posts with 3000 views since February and anyone that has read all of these posts should easily be able to formulate their own training program that helps them get from anywhere they are now to pretty darn fit.

So how much do I make from this? Zip, nada, nowt, nothing!

Because it is not about the money. And no one will pay for it anyway (insert laughing emoji).

When it comes to my fitness business I can tell you there have been so many people tell me I charge too much, I cannot remember them all. I have had bankers, lawyers, dentists, money market brokers, doctors and many others tell me this while they make incomes double, treble, 10 times more than me.

So my question is, do you think most people really value their health? Truly, truly value their health? And as well, do they know HOW to value their health? The answer for these people is NO to both.

Not everyone of course but a vast majority of people. Why is this? A lot of people value their phones, watches, the wine they drink, the holidays they have, the restaurants they eat at and the clothes they wear more highly than their health. This is the truth. Because I see it time and time again. The purchase of instant gratification I think is key.

Think of it this way, the most common question trainers get asked is, “how long will it take?” Why is this such a common question? The answer is in the instant gratification mindset most people have.

When people get sick and go to hospital and pay (“oh man these exhorbitant”) fees, their insurance covers it. Going to hospital to fix an illness is another form of instant gratification. Possibly in their unconscious minds they know they have a backup plan with medical care so they disregard common sense telling them to get exercising and eating healthy. Procrastination is a modern game that many play. Then these same people will complain about the prices they’ve paid for the treatment but this is tempered by the fact the insurance company came to the rescue. More easy gratification!

After the experience of illness and the road to recovery how many times would those people have thought, “if I was fitter and healthier I would not have got so sick and my recovery would have been so much quicker?” Many? Any?

In my experience these people just don’t want to pay for expertise when the consequences of not paying for it aren’t serious enough and if they are, they get bailed out anyway. People should stop gambling with their fitness and health!

Circling back to the beginning of my post there are some very simple things you can do that will make a big impact on your fitness and health. Here are my 3 best free things to do –

  • Use intermittent fasting (IF) and no, 16 hours fasting isn’t going to cut it, minimum 18 hours, 20 being optimal. You will lose weight, you will sleep better and you will train better – trust me.
  • Stop going to the gym every day. Go 3 times a week and lift heavy weights, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells and no machines. Stop fiddling around doing 15 reps of anything and then supersetting 15 reps of something else. Unless you’re a bodybuilder with some expertise you have no business doing this stuff. Pull or push a heavy bar 5-6 times, rest for a few minutes and do it again. On the other days do some sprints on the beach or up a hill and get tired fast, recover and do it again, many times.
  • Find Wim Hof on YouTube and start doing some of his breathwork, it could change your life and WILL bring positive change your fitness regime.

That’s 3 things, start doing them and reap the rewards.


1 thought on “3 of the best free things you can do for your fitness

  1. I think my favourite blog so far Darren. I can’t think of anyone this does not apply to – myself included. Healthy dose of reality.


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