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Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!

We’re always creating our reality.

24-7, 12 months of the year for our ENTIRE lives!

Your reality is what is in your mind and this is manifested in physical terms all around you.

Watching a YouTube video recently the guy on the screen said studies have proven that if you decide to do something like getting out of bed and you do it within 1-2 seconds of thinking it, it will be done. If you wait past 1-2 seconds, WITHOUT TAKING ACTION, it will not happen.

Ponder that for a moment and apply it to other things. I should send that email or I should make that call or I should fold that washing……..and you do each of those tasks the second you think about it. Would you be more productive? Would you get things done more often?

What if you had this stuff on a schedule, on a list of things you need to get done, say, daily?

Wait……. You do?? And when you see this list or schedule you immediately undertake the task. And you’re on this 9 times out of 10 or even 10 times out of 10! You ARE super efficient! Great, awesome.

So how about your fitness, your training, would you class your efficiency in this area of your life a 9 or 10?

If you answer yes to this question then kudos to you. I hope you’re getting the results your efforts deserve. Are you? Do you know? I mean are you tracking them because without the numbers you won’t really know, right?

If you answered no to the question of your efficiency of training but you do get things done in other parts of your life the challenge could be you’re not creating the right framework for your fitness.

In our lives I find most of us function better when we have a little structure. For sure there’s parts of our lives we do not need or want structure and the mix of how much structure is very dependent on how you feel about it individually. I know I’ve been highly resistant to structure, rigidity, conformity etc, words I actually detest but in time I’ve learned to use these concepts for my benefit especially around my training.

If you’re struggling with getting your training done and you want to start adopting a style of training that is easy to integrate to your daily life, I’ve got something for you.

A framework for how you eat, train, sleep and THINK about it all. After all it’s about creating a reality of fitness and health integrated into your current lifestyle. We need to bring something that fits over the top of what your doing now and fits easily into your routine. It’s not that hard it’s about scheduling and taking action and then reaping the rewards!

And it all starts with creating your reality. It’s as easy as thinking your way to success. Use your imagination and see your future, one that the foundation is a fit body, fit mind. Feel that this is within your grasp, all you need to do is start taking action. See what needs to be done, take action and engage the process!

A framework for all of this is within your grasp – reach out and let’s sort something out for you! Don’t wait too long, it will pass and it will be another thing you should have taken action on but didn’t, here’s my email address all you need to write in the title block is, “I am taking action”

Pro hacks for weight-loss

In my life as a fitness professional, someone that has built a reputation for success and someone that built a highly successful fitness business, I really do know what works and what doesn’t!

The key is there are 4 non-negotiable areas that we must always consider in weight-loss. In these 4 hacks we will do small things in each of those areas that will all combine to provide you with success that may shock you in how big it is!

Firstly believing it will work and visualising a positive outcome is massively important. Positive thoughts, seeing your success and feeling in your bones that you can do it, are essential beliefs. Too many people really don’t believe they can achieve what they want – even successful people will often have serious limiting beliefs outside of their daily, habitual paradigm. Other people will beat themselves before they even try, simply in their minds – don’t get defeated so easily!

My take for all my clients is peeling back the onion on their beliefs to find any that may not serve them on their weight-loss journeys and there’s usually a few. By exposing these and working through them and replacing them with more empowering beliefs and specifically TOOLS that will provide actual results is how I help people set themselves up for success!

So to hand to you the reader 4 hacks for IMMEDIATE weight loss is real easy for me. And don’t let any preconceived or fixed beliefs that aren’t serving you stop you implementing these hacks. They do work and WILL work for you as long as you can see the benefits and feel it’s worth trying. Think positive thoughts and be prepared for success!

  1. Narrow your eating window to 6 hours a day for 7 days and then 4 hours in week 2. Do this, commit to it and see out the 2 weeks. This is Intermittent Fasting and you will lose weight. You can have your eating window in te morning, 7am until 1pm or evening say 2pm to 8pm.
  2. Remove rice, noodles, pasta, bread and other refined carbohydrates for 2 weeks.
  3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day for 2 weeks. If it’s 7 hours one day try to get 9 the next. Close the curtains, no TV and definitely no devices in the room, period. All devices should be switched to “do not disturb” and “flight mode” and preferably turn off the wifi in your house overnight.
  4. Train intermittently. No matter what type of training you do, running, lifting weights, bodyweight or boxing, stop doing it the NORMAL way you do it and put a stopwatch on it. Strength training do it in blocks of 3 minutes, lift for 90 seconds, one, 2 or 3 different exercises and then rest for 90 seconds and do it 5 rounds. Cardio training do it for 30 or 60 seconds on and then rest for 30 or 60 seconds for 10 rounds. Your training may only take 30 minutes a day! And again do this for 2 weeks.

Do 1 to 4 ABOVE for 2 weeks, weigh yourself before and after – THIS could change your life 💖

For it to truly work, plan it to work! Put the important things on your schedule/calendar such as being home at a time that means you can sleep early enough to get the 8 hours or your training session times. Or that you have the right foods in your fridge to enable you to not eat all that refined carbohydrate. This may mean you need to go to the supermarket with a list rather than your memory of what you have been eating for the past months or years, the list will mean you get the right things! It may also mean you have to plan out your training and not default to simply wandering into the gym and doing the same old stuff you have always done!

My message is definitely one of 💖. I am not trying to call you out nor belittle your efforts to date. I just want to bring some true value to the table for you. That’s why you pay me right? Oh wait, this advice is FREE!!!!!

Is there any benefit to running?

No, there really isn’t.

I’d love to end the post here but I can’t really, right? I mean so many people may take offence and many more may not understand what I mean.

Let me clarify. If you want to lose weight and look better why are you running? What’s the point? To “burn” calories 🙂 THIS will make you look better? What about your muscles will they look good after running a lot? I doubt it……..

2 champions above, one runs a lot the other not so much, well when he runs it takes about 10 seconds the other guy, well that’s about 2 hours plus. Both guys train to be good at what they do and after years of training this is how they “look”. Who would you rather look like?

There is one word that describes all of what is going on in these 2 pictures.


Before I go any further if you’re a recreational athlete that competes regularly then of course you need to run! But for people that want body composition gains such as less fat and more muscle read on!

When a particular training style is applied to an individual hormones will dictate what happens to the body. Why? Well the body is always adjusting and adapting to the stimulous applied to it. Different stimulous, different hormonal response. If the human decides that he/she will run over many kilometres and do this frequently the hormones will decide the best physical adaptation to enable optimal function for this activity. Looking like Bolt won’t be it but looking like Kipchoge possibly could be.

And that is atrophied muscles, weakened joints and quite possibly restricted movement patterns.

Now I respect all professional athletes, I truly understand what they must do to get to the level they need to be at to be making a living from their sport or athletic pursuit. But for you guys running will not cut it, your hormonal response will not leave you happy with the results.

Bolt looked the way he did because in training he sprinted over short distances and lifted heavy weights. And his hormones REWARDED him with the body he had.

Furthermore it does come back to function and being true to our ancestral roots. Did we ever run in our evolutionary pathway? Rarely if you have done any research around this area which I have. We had to be evasive, jumping, sprinting, weaving or we used those attributes to capture prey. We had to lift, push, rotate, squat etc, all patterns covered in previous posts.

But running, from what? A big cat or other predator. I don’t think so! Running is not truly functional for humans, especially the heel strike silliness that modern running shoes promote. And as a result we do not get an optimal hormonal response certainly not the one we get from sprinting (or other HIIT protocols) or lifting heavy weights.

Train smart, tap into the chemistry of our evolutionary pathway and reap the benefits!

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You want to be 4-8kgs down in 28 days?

Ok people it’s HERE!

My 28 Day Total Body Transformation!

For people in their 30’s, 40’s and above. That’s right, about time someone did a fitness solution for older people right? This is me yesterday and I actually mean yesterday, May 10, 2021 at 55 nearly 56 years young!

Do YOU want to lose four to eight kgs in 28 days? You can using the 3TRUTHS 28 Day Total Body Transformation!!

There are 3 intensity options to choose from and all have 5 sessions a week for 4 calendar weeks. You can choose from the, “I haven’t trained for ages” 🟩 level through to “I train a lot but need something different!” ⬛ level – there’s also one for those that are, “somewhere between those 2! 🟦 level”

‼️ Spoiler Alert ‼️ Quitters don’t apply! You have GOT to want to get on with it!

Train ANYWHERE, ANYTIME that suits you with the 3TRUTHS resistance bands, easy to transport and very easy to use and all options include the bands that we will DHL to you.

The key to your Transformation is accountability – everyone needs it and you get it right here -15-30 minute LIVE 1 to 1 video sessions –

  • ✅ food journalling and coaching
  • ✅ bodyfat, weight, resting heart rate, blood pressure data collection and review
  • ✅ exercise modifications where required
  • ✅ daily breathwork coaching

Every one of the 20 workouts is detailed with explanations and video’s. It’s a simple easy to use solution based on tried and tested principles and you can keep going back to the 28 days for an entire year! Find a friend or 2 and sign up together, train together anywhere be it your place, the park or beach or virtually using Zoom, Skype etc. Groups will do the LIVE video calls together and inspire each other to reach complete body transformations!

  • ✔️ GOLD, 4 weeks of online training, 4 calls, unlimited messages/emails – $149
  • ✔️ SILVER, 4 weeks of online training, 2 calls, unlimited messages/emails – $129
  • ✔️ BRONZE, 4 weeks of online training, 1 call, unlimited messages/emails – $119

Do the math! 4 to 8 kgs in a month possibly more. That could be less than $30 a kilo, it could be less than $15 a kilo……who doesn’t have 15 to 30 bucks to invest in getting rid of a kilo of fat?? What about 4…or 8!

I have trained literally thousands of clients to lose 10’s of thousands of kilograms. I KNOW how to do this and I will do everything I can to help you to lose as much as possible!

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Fitness Myth #2: I have to do lots of cardio

Of all the destructive things we can do in the gym or within our fitness program, excessive long-slow cardio is it. Why then do so many seem to do it?

For a start just because others are doing it doesn’t make it right for you or even right full stop. “Stupid gym shit” (excuse the colloquialism – SGS) unfortunately features prominently in many people’s gym routines, men and women and top of this list is long, slow trotting on a treadmill, long slow grinds on a bike or rower etc.

Human’s are intermittent functioning organisms. We pulsate and this is never more evident than in our breathing and heart function and this pulsing action delivers blood, oxygen and fat into the working cells. So when it comes to energy supply this aerobic function serves us admirally providing our every day low octane fuel that keeps us moving, albeit slowly. When the requirement for higher octane fuel is required our body switches to using stored sugars known as glycogen and this gives us much more power and speed.

It is a physiological fact that when we use this energy system frequently to engage in speed and power based activity, our body shape optimises to cater to the environment we’re asking it to operate in and delivers growth hormone (GH) to shed fat and build lead muscle. This is optimising our human function and what we are hot-wired to do if we use our human organism the way it was intended.

We aren’t supposed to be fat, we just get that way when we don’t use our bodies the way they’re supposed to be used. Fatness is a relatively recent development in human evolution, being slow, overweight and generally immobile didn’t augur well when hunting food or trying to remain not being food for a predator. Clearly our evolutionary pathway rewarded those that were buying into the hunter-gatherer concept by providing lots of GH and optomising endocrinal function.

So back to long slow cardio. Research has determined that this type of activity increases release of cortisol and this hormone works exactly opposite to GH, holding fat and stunting muscle growth. In fact people that engage in excessive long slow cardio can technically be skinny fat. This is not a condition you want to be in as the linked article states.

The type of cardio you SHOULD be doing is HIIT, intervals of 30-45-60 seconds with the same period resting, trying to work at near max levels through each work set. It will only take you 5-10 minutes to elicit the desired outcome and why most good coaches use it at the end of sessions!